Welcome to Adoption Search Tips

Welcome to Adoption Search Tips Welcome to Adoption Search Tips!

My name is Susan Friel-Williams and I am an adult adoptee who spent several long and very frustrating years in search of my biological family.  Throughout that journey, I learned not only how to search, but also learned that there is a whole community of adoptee and birth family members who wish to reconnect.

In 1990 I obtained my first Private Investigator license in Idaho before relocating to Loveland, Colorado.  For several years I was also a Senior Adoption Forum Host on America Online (Family Forum) where we guided adoption triad members through the brick walls we all experience during our search.

At the same time I was the 'search coordinator' for Adoptee's in Search  in Denver, Colorado, which is one of the premier Search and Support groups in the nation.

Through the connections and experiences I shared with other forum and group members, I've learned that each and every adoption triad member has 'questions' about their birth, their adoption, the self discovery process and the search process.  Once their biological family member is located, there arises a whole 'new' set of questions on reunion issues that the family may or may not experience.  One thing I have learned is that there is 'no' step by step process for search and reunion because each search is unique. Each case has its own set of problems and issues.  Each reunion is as different from the next one you hear about because each reconnected family is different from another family experiencing the same thing.

In 1998 our family moved to Florida where I became a licensed Private Investigator in this state.  I've held an active Florida License since that time and now own my own investigative agency,  Search Quest America.  I am much honored to be one of two Florida State Representatives for the American Adoption Congress.

I've been sharing search tips, reunion tips, articles and advice privately for over two decades.  Several of my friends recently prompted me to 'start' a blog to share tips and advice with more people.  I hope that my blog helps YOU in your search and reunion.

Good Luck in your Quest!

Susan Friel-Williams Susan E. Friel-Williams
CEO, Case Manager and Licensed Investigator
Search Quest America